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Pilot Films Plane Spraying Chemical Trails

Chemtrails are not a "conspiracy theory"
On many days the clouds in
the sky are not natural. They are Chemical Clouds created by Chemical
Trails deliberately sprayed from airplanes.
While Contrails quickly
dissipate, Chemtrails linger in the sky for many hours. They are laid
out in long lines that slowly spread out. As they drift and spread they
become more and more cloud-like looking, and many unaware people just
assume they are natural clouds.
I have been observing this phenomenon for 5 years.
you pay attention for just a few weeks, you will quickly realize that
most clouds are not natural and that, in fact, on some days every cloud
in the sky is man-made.
So why are they doing this?
Because they can.
Most people are too oblivious to notice, or once it is pointed out to them, they do not want to believe it.
What are in Chemtrails, and why are the powers that be doing it?

Added: Dec-1-2011 Occurred On: Dec-1-2011
By: Jason Asselin
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