Fun Police Shut Down Little Girls Lemonade Stand

Overton, TX - Footage out of Texas where one officer deemed it necessary to shut down a lemonade stand that two young girls had opened up for a bit of fun ....

The lemonade stand was being operated by two little girls who were trying to raise money for Father’s Day. Eight-year-old Andria and her seven-year-old sister Zoey set up the stand as they wanted to raise US$100 to take their dad out as a Father’s Day present.

After reaching a quarter of their goal, an Overton police officer showed up and spoke to the two sister’s mother, Sandi Evans, asking if they had a permit. Sandi told the police officer that she had no permit and was not aware that it would be required for a lemonade stand.

Officer: "Did you get a permit from the city to sell this?
Mother: No, I didn't know you had to.
Officer: yes, ma'am.
Mother: really? We have to have a permit? For a lemonade stand? I had no clue. Okay, so can I run down and get one real quick? I had no clue, I thought a little lemonade stand would be okay. Oh, I understand, so can someone run down and get us one?
Officer: yes

.... and then, the best line from the mother: so do you want some lemonade while you're here?