Russian man kills and eats drinking partner after running out of snacks at vodka party...and sells leftovers at market as pork

A Russian man killed a drinking partner after he and his friends ran
out of snacks at a vodka party – then sold the leftovers as pork at a
market. The 35-year-old admitted stabbing his fellow drinker, 41, to
death before slicing flesh off the corpse, which he cooked and ate,
police said.

The next day, the cannibal took more meat to a local market on Russky
Island, Vladivostok, saying it was pork. A local man bought the meat –
but was sickened by the smell as he cooked it. ‘He purchased some
‘pork’, but noticed as he cooked it, the smell was strange,’ said
investigative police spokeswoman Avrora Rimskaya. ‘Despite this he ate
the meat, and it tasted strange, too. ‘The man then took the meat to the
experts, who confirmed that it wasn’t from an animal. Hearing this, the
buyer immediately took it to the police.’
Officers went to his house where the suspect confessed to both murder
and cannibalism, she said. “We got short of snacks to eat with our
vodka” he told police. In his fridge, police found a human head. The
remains of the rest of the body were in a garden shed.
‘The man is now in detention,’ said Rimskaya.

She added that two other customers bought the human meat but did not
complain to police. In a completely separate incident, also in Russia, a
cannibal serial killer who ate his victims’ livers has confessed to a
string of murders while being interviewed by police as a robbery

Twisted Aleksandr Bychkov, 24 – from Penza in central Russia – has
originally been detained over a hardware store hold-up. But as police
quizzed him he confessed to at least six grisly murders where he chopped
his victims into small pieces and ate their livers before burying their
remains near his home. ‘We can confirm that cannibalism took place,’
one senior local police source told local media. Penza police
investigation chief Maria Orlova added: ‘At this point we have found six
people buried, recovered their remains from the ground, and sent them
for examination.’

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