Iowa man, kills mother's boyfriend with battle ax:

An Iowa man went medieval on his mother's boyfriend and clobbered him to death with a double-bladed battle ax, police said Monday.

The vicious murder took place Sunday night at the Oskaloosa home of 25-year-old Bradley Arterburn, who lives in the house with his mother, Linda, police said.

Arterburn allegedly attacked 58-year-old Robert Horovitz with an ax, which was part of a large collection of medieval-style weapons found in the home, authorities told the Quad-City Times.

The young man struck Horovitz several times with the battle ax before stabbing him with its sharp tips, police said.

"We believe the initial injury was the back injury. And he never [saw] it coming," Oskaloosa Police Chief Jake McGee told WHO 13 News. "And then started hitting him with the ax. He had back, shoulder, neck, head injuries. Arm injuries."

Police found Arterburn sitting out back of the home smoking a cigarette. As they approached him, the 6-foot, 300-pound man attacked the officers, but was quickly subdued.

Arterburn was found to have several self-inflicted injuries, police said. It is believed he stabbed himself with a pocket knife.

Both the suspect and his victim were taken to the hospital, where Horovitz later died, police said. Arterburn was charged with first-degree murder.

It is unclear was sparked the incident.

"It's a tragedy for everyone involved in this situation," said Oskaloosa Police Chief Jake McGee, WOI 5 News reported. "It's totally unexpected anywhere to have a crime like that."

The shocking murder is even more surprising to residents of the small town of Oskaloosa since it's the first homicide there in 14 years.

"This stuff just doesn't happen around Oskaloosa," Jeanie Sparks, who lives near where the crime occurred, told KCCI 8 News. "You know, and it's a wakeup call. It really scares you. Scares you bad."

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