Medea Benjamin (of Code Pink) speaks at Egyptian Embassy on being beaten and deported

On the 6th of March, Medea Benjamin showed up in front of the Embassy of
Egypt with one arm in a sling to speak out on the brutality she
experience when she was violently deported from Egypt.

Medea had been cleared by the Embassy and given a visa to enter Egypt as part of an international women's delegation to Gaza. She was going to handle the logistics for the delegation. When she arrived, her passport was suddenly flagged as being on some kind of blacklist and she was tossed in the airport jail. When 5 thugs showed up to put her on a deportation plane to turky, other detainees warned her not to go with them. They threw her on the ground and wrenched her arms back so forcefully one was disjointed or worse. She still had that arm in a sling as she spoke out today in front of Egypt's embassy.

One of the protestes supporting Medea had a sign denouncing Egypt as the "New Israel" for using physical force to prevent peace activists from travelling to Gaza, Occupied Palestine.