Sex attack by mosque leader 'changed my girl', mum tells court

Jul 8 2008

A GIRL aged 15 suffered a personality change after a sexual assault by a mosque leader, a jury heard yesterday.

The girl's mother told a court she "wasn't the same girl" after the attack she said Farooq Hussain carried out.

She said: "She was very innocent. She wasn't like a normal 15-year-old girl. She didn't know anything about sexual contact at that time."

The girl, now 20, told Perth Sheriff Court she had been in a restaurant belonging to Hussain when he pounced .

She said: "He started touching my leg and I told him to get off me, which he didn't. I tried to get away and he pushed me against a filing cabinet.

"He tried to put his hand down my trousers. He went up my top with his hands as well."

She said she then fled from the Al Farooq Tandoori Restaurant and hid behind a library.

She said the incident had left her angry and self-conscious and she had dyed her hair to change her appearance.

She added: "I have seen him since, passing in cars. I just break down and cry. I'm scared as well."

The court previously heard from another girl who was 14 when she said she was attacked twice by Hussain last summer.

Married Hussain, 56, head of a mosque in Perth and a prominent member of Scotland's Muslim community, denies sex attacks on three young girls.

The trial continues.

if this was K.S.A. the girls wouldv'e been instead stoned to death, instead of the mosque leader as women and girls are nothing more than properties or cows as according to sharia and islamic values and muhammad.