Muslim father tortured his daughters, raped them and murdered the one who got pregnant

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Dubai: An Emirati father brutally tortured his eight-year-old
daughter to death and injured her seven-year-old sister because he
wanted to exorcise jinn from their bodies, Gulf News learnt yesterday.

The 29-year-old father, Hamad S., thought jinn possessed his
daughters so he tortured them more because he was provoked every time
the girls laughed when he beat them, said a police lieutenant during
prosecution questioning. Prosecutors charged Hamad and his 27-year-old
Emirati girlfriend, Al Onoud A., with illegally grounding the two
daughters in a flat and torturing eight-year-old Wudeema to death and
injuring seven-year-old Meera. The latter sustained 10 per cent
permanent disability.

Gulf News obtained a copy of the charges, in which the
lieutenant cited Hamad alleging that he used excessive beating and
torturing to exorcise the jinn from his daughters’ bodies.

Hamad and Al Onoud entered their pleas before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.
“I did not torture Wudeema to death. I took Meera to Rashid Hospital
to treat her broken arm… I didn’t torture her. I did not confine them,
but I used to take them out,” Hamad told Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al
Mahdi yesterday.

Al Onoud surprised the crammed court when she contended: “Hamad
did not do anything to the girls. I beat and tortured them with hot
water, electric wire, an iron… I electrocuted them with the taser gun.”

Senior Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Ali Rustom, Head of Family and
Juveniles Prosecution, asked the court to implement a capital punishment
against the suspects. The couple was also accused of hiding Wudeema’s
body by burying it without obtaining proper permission.

“I was present with Hamad when he buried Wudeema,” claimed Al Onoud, who is believed to be pregnant."

Hamad admitted that he buried his dead daughter in Al Badayer area in Sharjah.

Concerning the charge of torturing Meera and causing her a
permanent disability, Hamad maintained: “The Taser gun was not working. I
didn’t torture her.”

The father asked the court to get a copy of the medical report
from Rashid Hospital to prove that he took Meera for treatment when her
arm was fractured.

Following Wednesday’s hearing, the mother was heard shouting at Al Onoud: “You will go to hell and be tortured there.”

Two lawyers will be appointed to defend the suspects and
prosecution witnesses will testify when the court reconvenes on