Brazilian on Duty cop and an Unlucky Runner

A brazilian on duty cop on a bike chases a bandit in the slums of são paulo.

Lets stay clear here, as this is my first video: Brazil is a shithole in most places, some as bad as detroit, but most places its all nice... Problem here are in São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro where we have the favelas ( slums ), the state doesnt have total control over them and the police are very badly paid in these states. For you guys to understand, brazil has a civil and military police, almost all these videos are from military police ( like this one that i uploaded ), the problem is that a soldier ( first rank ) is payed like 1.100 reais a month, that would be like 350 dollars... so the pay is shi* and the equipment is almost as shi****, yet, they do their jobs and should be respected.

Last, sorry for the rubish english, passed many years last time ive been in the U.S and forgot most of the grammer.


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