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Stolen Pawns - Book on child soldiers (scifi)

In one day, over eleven thousand American teenagers go missing. This is the story of where they went.

Child soldiers: war-driven abductions of children who are forced to join murderous armies and trained to kill are nothing new in other countries. But it’s about to happen within the United States on an inter-planetary scale.

When over 11,000 teenagers who happen to have the same date of birth are simultaneously reported missing on their sixteenth birthday, no explanation offered can help console a struggling nation.

Joshua and Gabriel are twin brothers among the missing. When they awake in the parallel world of Askival, they are told of a precarious conflict with a rival country and are asked to participate in a war to help prevent the annihilation of an entire race.

Under the influence of a mysterious airborne drug, most of the abducted teens eventually embrace their new calling,

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By: RS Carter
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