Did the police and FBI frame an innocent person in Salt Lake City?

~The person convicted in 2014 for this murder is serving life without parole~

This involves a murder case being discussed on this channel. The police and FBI who worked this case messed up, and someone needs to clean up their mess.

When a 7year old girl was killed in 2008 there was tremendous political pressure put on local police and the FBI. Another child, Destiny Norton, had been killed in a similar type crime on the same street, 15 blocks away, 2 years earlier. In that case authorities had been criticized for the handling of the search. When the same thing happened again the pressure increased.

At the trial testimony was given that the latest Esar Met could have left his apartment was 2:39 pm. It is likely he left much earlier, but that is the latest possible time.

Hser Ner Moo died sometime between 5pm that evening and 11:30 am the next morning.

Police waited 15 hours to issue an amber alert, for a variety of reasons. Just looking at the times above it is clear that Hser was almost certainly alive several hours after Met left to visit his uncle. Her injuries, experts testified, would have been fatal fairly quickly.

In other words she was probably alive as the search was commencing and may still have been alive while authorities were debating whether to issue an amber alert.

When Met's four roommates and a mysterious 5th person were initially arrested in the apartment, it should have been clear that their stories needed extra scrutiny. They were in the apartment where Hser was found and among all of the apartments, several dozen, they alone did not answer the door when po!ice knocked.

Additionally there are obvious red flags in the statements they made during the interrogation.

And yet they were given a "friendly interrogation", see the linked summaries on this channel, and Esar Met was given a " hostile interrogation", watch the video of the confession on this channel.

In the moments after the body was found, high level po!iticians including governor Huntsman and media from around the region were demanding answers.

The police and FBI fudged a lot of facts, took a lot of shortcuts. They made a mistake and went forward with allowing a person they reasonably knew to be innocent, to be sent to prison.

Esar Met is in prison now, serving life without parole.

A lot of people are aware of the problems with the case the prosecution presented.

So far the po!ice and FBI have made no move to correct their mistake.