Blackpool Directive - EU Hitlers Dream Come True Anthony J Hilder

Grayling Barraclough, Blackpoole's “Best and Brightest” Communicaster to come along in this century joins American Patriot Personality, Anthony J Hilder, in a discussion of England's sudden surrender of its Sovereignty to the European Union. Prime Ministers, Blair and Brown, and all of the Political Pimps and Prostitutes in Parliament went along with “The Sell Out” . They signed on the Lisbon Treaty. Are Britain's Prime Ministers from Sir Edward Heath to the present guilty of High Treason? Even Dave Cameron the “Counterfeit Conservative”, who heads up the Tory Party reneged on his promise for a Referendum as well. They ALL caved in to the “Criminal Cashist Cabal” that controls the United Kingdom's Currency & Commerce. Is it all over? No! Hell No! The Battle for Britain has just begun. Anthony J Hilder is the first of American Film Producer to openly support Former Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish of the Constitution Party, James Stewart St Anne's Alliance, and Ian Crane Alternative View in the continuing campaign to draft a British Constitution and abolish the European Union. Mr Hilder is needing funds to finish his release “The EU Hitlers Dream Come True” Please contribute generously at: Freeworld Filmworks Website: Freeworld Alliance UK Website: Freeworld Alliance USA Website: (Disclaimer: Views expressed here are not necessarily those of the video maker and are presented for informational and educational purposes only)