F-35 is the biggest scam in US military history. $1.5 trillion for a plane that does not work.

The US government has spent $1.5 trillion on developing the F-35, and it won't be combat ready till 2019. That's 10 years behind schedule.

That's 1/16 of the entire US debt on a plane that doesn't work.

The F-35 can't beat an F-16 in a dog fight.

"A mock air battle between an F-16 jet and the military’s new and
oft-troubled F-35 stealth jet showed that the F-35 is too sluggish to
hit an enemy plane or dodge gunfire, according to a report."


Documentary looking into the greatest scam in military history

$4400+ per American spent on a plane that doesn't work.

Every nation ordering this piece of junk needs to cancel their order!