Colombian cops stop a man with a knife in a very pro way.

the guy, apparently a suicide, decides to hold a butcher knife against some colombian cops, even though the audio is a little far, here is basically what the guy says:

0:04 - GUY WITH KNIFE: (GWK): step over , you know what? step over, come on!
0:15 GWK: the one who steps over, you know what? (inaudible) I don't give an ass!
(cop jumps the bushes)
0:24 GWK: watch out, watch out ("pilas" is a slang term in colombian spanish)!!! watch out because I am aware!
0:35 GWK:a phone call! i just want to make a phone call!
0:50 CAMERA MAN(or guy next to him): record record everything!!!
(the cops all talk at the same time and seems they are trying to calm the guy)
1:15 GWK: just give me a minute!
1:18 COPS: don't despair, don't despair, put the knife down, GWK: oh come on man, will you let me make the phone call?
(cop with hands up starts walking towards the GWK)
1:32 GWK: just don't kill me all right?
1:40 GWK: watch out watch out! let me dial the number , ok?
2:17 GWK: watch out!!!!!
2:32 COPS: Ya ya (chill out) we are here to help you!
2:35 GWK can you please wait? please?
2:40 its ok man, if you need to call do it.
2:45 BAM!!! ACTION SETS IN!!!!!!!!