Police Officer Who Punched Woman At Parade Gets Job Back

The now former Philadelphia Police lieutenant who was
captured on a YouTube video striking a woman during 2012's Puerto Rican
Day Parade has been given his job back and will receive all back pay.

The infamous tape, which was viewed over and over again across
multiple media outlets, led to Philadelphia District Attorney Seth
Williams to charge Josey with a simple assault charge.

Josey was found not guilty, but was still out of a job. Today, an arbitrator ruled that Josey's job must be reinstated.

Josey told FOX 29 in a one-on-one interview that he desperately wanted back the job that he loves .

"This was my everything, my career meant everything to me," Josey said. "It was like a piece of me was taken away."

Josey fought to be reinstated and today, Josey won his arbitration
case. He will get his job back, along with all back pay he is owed.
Josey put out the following message on his Facebook in response to the win:

First and foremost I want to give all glory, honor and thanks be
to GOD, for carrying me throughout this entire ordeal. GOD IS GOOD.

Secondly, I would like to thank all of my family (extended &
immediate), (real) friends who prayed unceasingly and were a constant
source of encouragement. I am glad this is finally over. I asked that
you continue to keep me in prayers as I return to doing the job that I
love so much, serving this City. I will be stepping away from FB for a
little bit, but I will return. Thank you all, God Bless!!
Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, who previously said he
doesn't want Josey back on the force, says that he will abide by the
arbitrator's ruling. According to Chief Ramsey, "My job is to make the
decisions that I feel necessary. We put together a case and presented
them. Sometimes it goes in your favor; sometimes it doesn't."
Aida Guzman, the woman that Josey struck, reacted to the ruling too.

"I don't feel happy. I feel real, real sick. I don't know what to say."