Serbia is "in line of fire" over Ukraine - says john kerry

United States consider that a number of European countries, including Serbia, are on the "line of fire" when it comes to relations between Washington and Moscow, said US Secretary of State John Kerry before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. Russia is marching in Serbia with greater impact than ever before, said Sen. Christopher Murphy. US Secretary of State responded to questions senators about the growing influence of Russia in Europe.

"When it comes to Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and others - Georgia, Moldova, Transnistria - they are in the line of fire," said Keri. During the hearing of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry agreed with the assessment of Senator Christopher Murphy to Russia leads a successful propaganda war in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.

There is concern that the debate on the possible sending weapons to Ukraine casts a shadow on the "far larger project that is unfolding before us," and it's spreading influence of Russia, warned Senator Murphy.

"What we see in Ukraine is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the influence of Russia in the region," said Murphy, adding that they should seek legal instruments to counter this influence in the area, which, according to him, includes Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Latvia, Baltics.

US senator believes it is the work of "asymmetric warfare".

"They buy the media, paying civil servants or intimidate those who can not bribed," said Murphy. Such behavior of Russia, according to him, has not found an adequate response of the West.

"The necessary resources for the implementation of such a strategy," explained Murphy.

Reminding that the autumn visited the Balkans, Murphy said that on this occasion I noticed a large Russian influence in Serbia.

"Russia is marching in Serbia with greater impact than ever before," said Murphy, and pointed out that at the same time the US Embassy in Belgrade is trying to raise funds for exchange programs.

US Secretary of State in the discussion pointed out that the White House is trying to convince people that the United States does not want to Russia game of winners and losers.

"We believe that Ukraine can become a gateway between the East and the West," said Carrie.

Has said that Ukraine may have an economic agreement with the EU, but also with the Customs Union.

"All should be ready to engage to help Ukraine to economic reform and realize their dreams and visions," said Carrie.

Senators Kerry repeatedly raised the question of direct military aid to Kiev, and he said that the matter is under active consideration.