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al-Qaeda Vows to Seize Spanish Cities by Force (Translated)...

Al Qaeda is back to claim the recovery of Ceuta and Melilla by force
Considers that are "under the rule of the Spanish crusade, without the rule of God"
he Al Qaeeda recovery has claimed, by force, from the cities of Ceuta and Melilla and their integration in the Islamic Maghreb. He has done as published by the newspaper La Razon, in a letter published a few days ago in Web Network Challenge "in which the organization tends to publish their statements.

Al Qaeda has inserted this comment under the title "Ceuta and Melilla, lost treasures, and it ensures that the two cities are" under the rule of the Spanish crusade, without the rule of God, "so they need to be recovered by Muslims.

For the terrorist, the two Spanish cities are "sitting in the clutches of vengeful crusaders" and require his return to the "Nation of Islam."

Added: Sep-10-2010 
By: Muhammad_ibn_Abdullah
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