Vacuum Hunter vs Giant Hornets

The man in the video is Mr. Tokunaga (AKA “Vacuum Hunter”), a bee keeper in Ehime Prefecture who got fed up with seeing his precious bees slaughtered by giant hornets. Instead of starting fires to kill hornets, he has created powerful vacuums to suck them into a giant death box. His goal for the day is 5,000 dead hornets. He first lures giant hornets into bait traps, and then ties markets onto their legs so he can track them as they fly back to their nests.

In the second clip, Vacuum Hunter locates a nest along a path that is too narrow for his van. To bring his vacuum system close enough for an attack, he calls up a friend who provides a small tractor. He uses a chainsaw to extract the nest from the inside of a tree, and many a hornet is sucked to its death. He ends the day with a haul of 13kg of nest (market price: about $500), and about 2,000 dead hornets. It’s a few thousand hornets short of his goal, but still impressive. Tokunaga vows to continue his work, and will probably adjust the size of the death box before next year’s giant hornet season.