Zimmerman's 911 call: Audio enhanced again Reporter Doubts Racist Slur

Recently, CNN enhanced audio of George Zimmerman — the man who shot Trayvon
Martin — to try and determine if he did, in fact, use a racial slur while
calling police on the night of the shooting. Back then, it sounded like
Zimmerman might have used the phrase “fu**ing coons,” and his critics have cited
it as evidence of a racially-motivated attack. But now CNN has enhanced the
audio again, and the reporter is casting doubts that the term was

“It certainly sounds like that word to me,” Gary Tuckman said when
the audio was first enhanced. But after the latest enhancement, he’s not so

“Now it does sound less like that racial slur. … From listening
in this room, and this is a state-of-the-art room, it doesn’t sound like that
slur anymore. It sounds like … we‘re hearing the swear word at first and then
the word ’cold.’ And the reason some say that would be relevant, is because it
was unseasonably cold in Florida that night and raining.”

The audio
expert agreed it sounded like “cold,” and said the new method gets rid of a lot
more background noise but doesn’t change the voice or words.

Did George Zimmerman use a racial slur in his 911 call? CNN enhanced the audio for clearer results.. The reporter is now doubting it.