German polls close in key expat vote for Turkish presidency

On August 10 Turkey goes to the poll to elect a new president, but in Germany expats have already had their say, with polling stations now closed.

Half of all Turks living abroad are based in Germany, making it a critical election outpost.

Turkeys Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the frontrunner in the race for the presidency, just two other candidates stand in his way.

Euronews spoke to one resident of Berlin, who outlined his hopes for the next president:

“What I would like is if they care about and look after us, give us more support. For example establishing a ministry just for Turks living abroad, that would be very helpful.”

It’s been a fractious year for domestic Turkish politics, with Erdogan and his ruling AKP party, facing violent opposition protests.

Some in Berlin fear the divisions may spill over, Cem Ozdemir an MP for the German Green party noted some of those concerns:

““When that kind of campaign and debating style is brought here, people get worried about polarisation.We here worry about having two sides, AKP supporters and the opposition, confronting each other here in Germany. We want people to live here in peace.”

Euronews correspondent Nezehat Sevim has been in Berlin getting the response of voters, she reports:

“Turkish expat votes are on their way to Turkey. Here in Berlin’s so called ‘Little Istanbul’, Turks expect support and services from Ankara in return to their votes.”


By: Euronews (53604.30)

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Location: Germany

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