Richard Fine and Thousands of Los Angeles County FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) - Equal Protection Requested

Washington DC, May 25 - Human Rights Alert, Los Angeles County, California based NGO, filed requests with US Attorney General Eric Holder and with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Equal Protection in Los Angeles County, California, pursuant to ratified International Law – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and as part of the 2010 review by the United Nations of Human Rights in the United States. [1] The request referred to the case of 70 year old former US Prosecutor Richard Fine, which was aired on May 24, 2010, by CNN and prior to that by Public Broadcasting Service. The request noted that CNN failed to report that Richard Fine was held for the past 14 months with no valid records conforming with the fundamentals of the law to provide the basis for his confinement. No warrant was ever discovered. Moreover, in response to requests to access the warrant and booking records the Sheriff provided fraudulent documents, which stated that Richard Fine was arrested and booked on location and pursuant to the authority of the “Municipal Court of San Pedro”. No such court has existed for nearly a decade! The request noted that although the case of Richard Fine gained recent notoriety, it was far from unique. Recent surveys of inmate data in the Los Angeles jails revealed that about half of the inmates were held under false and deliberately misleading records. Furthermore, the thousands of Rampart-FIPs - victims of the Rampart corruption scandal (1998-2000) were by and large still falsely imprisoned - they were never freed in over a decade. The Rampart-FIPs were almost exclusively blacks and latinos, and by estimate about a third of them were still juveniles when they were framed and falsely sentenced to long prison terms. The request concluded that lawlessness now prevailing in the justice system in Los Angeles County, California, amounted to a Human Rights disgrace of historic proportions.
Copies of the request were forwarded to Chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, and to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights.

[1] 10-05-25-Human-Rights-Alert-requests-Holder-Clinton-equal-protection-of-Richard-Fine-and-numerous-others-in-Los-Angeles-County-California


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