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Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi "Predictive Programming" and the Emergent World Religion (

Secularization: A Segue for Humanism

Such a paradigm shift could already be underway. Among one of its chief "evangelists" is William Sims Bainbridge, sociologist and member of the National Science Foundation. Bainbridge concerns himself predominantly with the development of a new world religion, which he dubs the "Church of God Galactic." Expanding on the characteristics intrinsic to such a church, Bainbridge suggests, "its most likely origins are in science fiction" ("Religions for a Galactic Civilization").

According to Bainbridge, secularization provides the religio-cultural segue for this new religion. Examining the sociological phenomenon of secularization, Bainbridge makes an interesting observation:

ôSecularization does not mean a decline in the need for religion, but only a loss of power by traditional denominations. Studies of the geography of religion show that w


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