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Obama supporter has HAD IT with Oil Disaster Inaction

Anyone here who knows me, knows I am a liberal and Obama supporter. Right now I don't give a shit if congress, Obama, Homeland security and the EPA are all hauled off to jail.

I am sure the president has no idea how to plug the hole. I don't give a shit. BP should be REMOVED from any position of authority in this. A consortium of experts from all major oil companies, deep ocean exploration experts, the FLEET of deep sea scientific vessels from NOAA and private consortium's and universities should be on station in the gulf. Shell, citgo, exon, all should have their asses down there. The army corp corp of engineers, national guard...and yes...the military should be crawling all over the place.

I'm no blind idealist. I am fucking pissed. We would be better off at this point if Puntin came over and threw a nuke down the hole....can't fucking hurt the environment any worse. 37 fucking

Added: May-26-2010 
By: gregsto
Tags: obama, fails, disaster, man up, pathetic
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