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Fretting on Iran, remembering Iraq

ANALYSIS: THE United States now interprets almost every issue in the Middle East through the prism of Iraq. Fresh speculation about Washington's plans to carry out "surgical" strikes against targets in Iran is another manifestation of this obsession.

With 160,000 US troops caught up in an unpopular and bloody occupation, it's not hard to understand why Iraq dominates American thinking. The Bush Administration has long accused Tehran of deliberately abetting the Iraq insurgency.

But whatever it has done in Iraq, Iran has been careful to cover its tracks. The public evidence of Iran's meddling across the border is still patchy.

Washington is also convinced Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. A procession of reports in recent years has warned about covert nuclear facilities, centrifuges to enrich uranium and hardened bunkers to hide the development of weapons.

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Added: Oct-1-2007 
By: Interloper
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