Toyota Land Cruiser falls in ice after drifting

Driver drowned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in seconds after drifting on the icy lake. So it is a good time, checking patency of the iron horse. Other members of the "attraction" was filming the video.

After a few seconds of arrival the car entered the drift on the lake, the ice cracked, and at the next sharp turn the car fell through the ice. Friends driver bitterly watched the scene and urged him to flee leaving the ice car.

Also, the men shouted to the driver to immediately cut the engine, but the car continued to work while half under water. After that, one of the participants of the driver threw the rope, and he got out of the car.

In just a few minutes SUV worth about 5 million rubles, almost entirely left to the bottom.


By: LeakBlue (49.50)

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Location: Russia

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