Terrorist in Syria Confesses to Participating in Karm al-Zeitoun Massacre in Homs in March 2012

More than 230 abducted civilians were massacred by "Free Syrian Army"
(FSA) terrorist gangs back in March 2012 in the district of Karm
al-Zeitoun in Homs. That massacre happened a few days before a UN
Security Council meeting was going to take place on March 12, 2012
regarding the Syrian crisis. NATO media and pro-FSA activists tried to
place the blame on what they refer to as "Assad's Shabbiha", a supposed
militia loyal to the government.

However, most of these massacres
have been proven over and over again that they're being done on purpose
by terrorist gangs based on external orders to put pressure on the
Syrian government and delegitimize it in the eyes of the international
community. Most of these massacres tend also to be sectarian in nature.

of the men arrested right after the Karm al-Zeitoun massacre occurred
has decided to share his story with the TV audience 10 months after the

Source: Sama Channel

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