Beaten And Robbed In Houston

Houston, TX - On Thursday, September 7 2017 at 2 pm, the complainant had just withdrawn money from the Wells Fargo Bank, located at 6888 Gulf Freeway, in Houston, Texas. The complainant stated that as he stood on the side of the building waiting for his ride, he was approached by a male predator, who started to make small talk. The complainant said that the coward then suddenly sucker punched him in the face, at which time he began to fight back with the predator. A second predator then exited a black sedan and began to kick the complainant while on the ground (what a pussy). The predators were able to get to the complainants money and flee the scene.



By: JThom (45784.90)

Tags: houston, beaten, robbed, predator, criminals, crime, wtf

Location: Houston, United States

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