Syria Map: SAA gains since January 2014 in Southern Syria

SAA offensives:
- The famous Qalamoun Campaign, fall of Yabroud and liberation of Qalamoun
- Ghouta, tightening the noose
- Homs, Isolating the rebels village by village
- Quneitra counterattack, relieving besieged troops
- Druze offensive, Suwayda is safe

FSA/Nusrats offensives:
- The long awaited 'Spring Offensive' aka 'Geneva of the Hauran'. Failed to reach Damascus
- Daraa, FSA capture some bases and succeed in isolating hajana army base
- Quneitra Attack, large gains, failed to fend off SAA counterattack, result: FSA retreat

*Only Notable Offensives which succeeded to achieve gains were added on the map.

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