Turkish Protester Shot In The Head By Riot Police

A protestor was shot in the early days of the ongoing anti-government protests in capital Ankara. The moments of the incident were recorded by a camera and have recently been shared on social media...

Ethem Sarısülük, 27, was reported to be in serious condition in Ankara's Numune Training and Research Hospital after being shot by a police officer in the capital's Kizilay Square during anti-government protests.

According to Sarısülük's lawyer, Kazim Bayraktar, the protester's situation was "very serious". "We are expecting bad news at every moment," he told Bianet website. "Brain and heart are working but the organs are weakening."

The public prosecutor demanded the policeman's name but the police refused to comply.

Bayraktar claimed a police cover-up was in progress. "It's clear that the incident was a police shooting: that's what video images and witnesses have told us," he said.

A retired soldier heard the riot police officer fire the first bullet and turned in the direction of the shooting. He said the same officer shot "several times" in the direction of the crowd. Other witnesses said the officer shot six or seven times. Ballistics experts said that the bullet could have bounced in the pavement and hit Sarısülük.