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ATF hq and $1.1 billion per year

So, let me ask you something. Do YOU think the ATF is worth 1.1 BILLION taxpayer dollars per year? They do.
Jack Booted Thug Central, or, as "Mad Bob" of the Dogtown Rangers calls it, "The Concrete Asshole of the Universe." The new ATF headquarters in DC.

A tip of the boonie hat and my thanks to BPWZ for forwarding this link to the ATF's Congressional Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2010. Dated May 2009, it asks for a total of $1,120,772,000.00, of which $1,114,772,000.00 is "Direct Salaries and Expenses." Well paid jbt's, ain't they?

They also ask for $616,000.00 as part of Operation Gunrunner "to purchase armored vehicles and tracking devices to ensure the safety of ATF personnel."

Supposedly this is to protect their roidal asses when they cross over the border into Mexico. For the money, this

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Added: Sep-6-2009 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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