Raw Dash Cam: High Speed Crash

WICHITA, Kansas – A dramatic crash was caught on police dashcam video Friday morning after the driver of a truck, going more than 100 miles per hour on E. Kellogg, crashed into another vehicle.

It all happened at around 10:45 on E. Kellogg near the turnpike exit.

East Kellogg is back open after being down to one lane for several hours as police investigated the accident. Since a police car was involved, it took longer to investigate. Still, officers say it’s clear the crash was caused by a driver going way too fast.

Officers estimate the driver was still going close to 100 miles per hour as he approached the intersection at Kellogg and the turnpike. The driver swerved from the right lane to the shoulder and hit a vehicle that was parked, waiting for the light to change.

"We never really got close to him until at the point where he had the traffic accident,” said Capt. Jeff Easter with the Wichita Police Department.

An officer running radar on Kellogg clocked the driver of the truck going over 100 miles per hour and pulled out after him.

"As erratic as he was driving and at his speeds we have an obligation to try and stop that individual,” Capt. Easter said.

Witnesses later told police the car was driving extremely fast and weaving in and out of traffic before police ever started the pursuit.

"The officer had his lights and siren on,” Capt. Easter said. “That was mainly to alert other people but also trying to get him stopped."

But the driver didn’t stop until he crashed.

Traffic during the crash investigation was backed up all the way to Edgemoor.

The drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. A third vehicle was also involved but damage was minimal. The driver of that vehicle was not hurt.

Wichita police say the officer had his lights and sirens on to warn other drivers. Police say they had to attempt to stop the speeder.

"As erratic as he was driving and at his speeds, we do have an obligation to try and stop that individual," said Capt. Jeff Easter.

Investigators don't know why the speeder was going so fast.