Bouncer kills student with a single punch!?

A 21 y/o American student who was studying for a medical degree in Aruba, was knocked unconscious by a single punch by a nightclub's bouncer.

The student was out partying with his friends at a nightclub, in the club he was nuisance to the other people as he was insulting them thus the bouncer kicked him out. In his attempt to get back inside their was an argument with the bouncer who then punched the student.

It was first claimed that the bouncer punched the student to a state of coma, who then died the following day.

The next day, on the 25th more information came out saying that after the bouncer punched the student, the student's friends helped him get in the car, the friends claimed that they were "doctors" and said they could support the student till the ambulance gets there. As they were waiting the student woke up and wanted to barf, they then tried to turn him sideways so he can do so, but the friends ended up letting him fall on his head on the concrete floor.

The student died on the 25th of February.