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Red Cross Offers Hope for Afhgan Families of US Detainees

KABUL, Afghanistan – When Mirwali, 25, finally got the chance to talk to his 65-year-old father, who is held in the U.S.-run military prison at Bagram Airbase, outside of Kabul, he was so overcome with emotion he couldn’t speak. Mirwali covered his face with the long sash of grey silk hanging down from the wrap of his turban, held his head in his hands, and sobbed.

Their meeting wasn’t face-to-face, but rather via a video conference connection provided by the U.S. military and set up at the offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kabul. The video conference program is a compromise between the U.S. military authorities and the Red Cross.

Each family call is limited to 20 minutes – but after many months, sometimes years, of no communication, it is better than nothing.

"We consider this as a positive intermediary step between nothing and face-to-face visits," s


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