US financed Right Sector Nazis take over radio station and beat helpless civilians

The brutal fascist action commences at the 1:40 mark.
This invasion of a business in Dneipertrovsk was conducted by the Right Sector Ukrainian private National Guard who are directly financed by the United States. Their leader is Igor Kolomoisky who is the chief financier of the fascist, Nazi battalions in Ukraine. He is the employer of Hunter Biden, the son of the Vice President of the United States. Hunter is employed by Burisma Holdings which is extracting natural gas from Ukraine and is owned by Mr. Kolomoisky through a Cypriot offshore shell holding. Kolomoisky is also the owner of Ukraines 'Privat Bank" which is slated to receive 1 of ever 4 dollars of IMF funding. One can watch this video and guess what that IMF money is going to end up financing. Harpers magazine revealed that Kolomoisky stole over $1.8 billion in INF funds to offshore accounts in Cyprus. Maybe Hunter Biden knows something about this? More info to follow in the comments below.



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Location: Ukraine