Turkish Grey Wolves member killed the Russian pilot from shot down jet

Alparslan Çelik is a citizen of Turkey, born in Turkey, Elazığ province, Keban district.

He is a member of the Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and its associated paramilitary organization, the Grey Wolves (Bozkurt). The MHP and Grey Wolves are both Turkish nationalist and Islamist. Their ideology is a synthesis of Turkish ultra-nationalist fascism and Islamism. They massacred Kurdish and Alevi civilians numerous times in the 1970's-1990s because they were non-Turkish and non-Sunni.

His father is also a member of the MHP and a former mayor of Keban. He is a relative of Ramazan Çelik who went to fight in Iraq.



This Turkish news article reported on his background and origins and verifies all the information I posted above. Run it through google translate if you can't read Turkish.


He went to Syria to take command of a Turkmen Islamist rebel group and is the person in videos currently circulating around showing off the handles from the Russian navigator's parachute. He boasted that he and his men were the ones who fired at and killed the Russian pilot Lt Col Oleg Peshkov and the other Russian pilot as they ejected and parachuted from their bomber jet which was shot down by the Turkish airforce.

He claims to have the bodies of the two Russians, the pilot Lt Col Oleg Peshkov is known to have been killed and his body was seen in the hands of the Turkmen in a video, but the fate of the other pilot is unverified.

The various news media showing the video of him all label him as a "Syrian Turkmen" rebel commander. He is not. Syrian Turkmens are ethnic Turks who are born in Syria and have Syrian citizenship. Alparslan Çelik was born in Turkey, has Turkish citizenship only and is a member of a Turkish political party, the MHP.

This the video and a photo still from it where he boasted to shooting at and killing the Russians while they were parachuting.




This is his twitter account and an image of him.


As you can see he tweeted a picture of MHP and Grey Wolves leader Alparslan Türkeş.


Here he and his men in the Syrian Turkmen unit he is leading, make the hand gesture of the Grey Wolves while in Syria.


He retweeted someone else's tweet showing this image of the Grey Wolves making their infamous hand gesture.


This is the Grey Wolves hand gesture.