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CVR of JAL123's final seconds before impact: 520 dead (12/8/1985)

JAL123) 747-SR46 (JA8119) suffers a previous landing related structural failure/decompression incident in the tail assembly, and goes out of control between Tokyo and Osaka.

The aircraft performed a dutch roll and struck the ridge of Mount Takamagahara in Gunma Prefecture, 75 miles from Tokyo.

All 15 crew & 505 of the 509 passengers onboard, perished.

Basic translation:

-Atama agero! = pull the head up.-Yosh, motto ueda = ok, keep it going

-Oi! bakku ni irero "#¤"&%# = "Hey! Reverse it "#¤%¤/¤/ (could not hear while the other is saying Flap up Flap up Falp up)

-A!......AA!!! !"#!¤"#!!

-Agacchai masu (Co-pilot) = It's going up (only head)

-doushiteda!? = Why??

-Agare!.....Agare!!!! = Go up! Go up!!

- computer voice = Mayday - Pull up

-AA!! dameda! = It's useless!

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