Hell on wheels for circus bears touring the U.S.

UNBEARABLE – Hell on wheels for circus bears touring the U.S.
They look like dancing bears from centuries ago, but this is the USA in 2013. Today ADI ( Animal Defenders International ) released behind the scenes footage of circus bears owned Texas-based James and Tepa Hall currently touring the U.S. as ‘Bear Mountain’ or ‘Hall’s Bears’ or ‘Castle’s Bears’ revealing that the bears' spend over 90% of their time 'stored' in small cages in a prison truck. One bear desperately circles a small steel cage measuring about 4ft wide, by 6ft deep and about 8ft high. For about an hour a day, the bears are dressed in clothes, have muzzles strapped around their mouths and are made to dance, do handstands and and ride bicycles. HELP END THIS MISERY, SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD, & SUPPORT THE ADI DRIVE FOR FEDERAL LEGISLATION TO END THE USE OF WILD ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES.


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