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This Overshadowed Planet: Symbols, The Occult Foundation.

"Symbol. The best possible expression for something essentially unknown. Symbolic or nonlinear thinking is holistic, right-brain oriented; it is complementary to logical, linear, left-brain thinking." - from Glossary of Jungian Terms Compiled by Daryl Sharp

"Intuition, be it active or relatively inactive, is the source of all human understanding of truth. It lives in the heart of man, i. e., in the core of his being; and it is the working of this intuition which gives to him all his highest and best ideas regarding the nature of man and the universe." - G. de Purucker from The Esoteric Tradition

"The Angel links himself with the higher principles of the man, most of all with the buddhi or intuitional wisdom..." - C.W. Leadbeater, The Hidden Life in Freemasonry

"The occult are such things as alchemy, magic, astrology, and other 'arts' of divination which use incantations or magi


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