Anonymous Stops Carl Rove From Stealing Ohio Vote?

I am no conspiracy theorist, but this is somewhat interesting. First, a video from anonymous posted to youtube on October 22, 2012:

Now watch this for some background and details on what is alleged to have happened.

From The Daily Kos:

"The skeptics among us might be quick to dismiss this story, but I say not so fast. We do know that Anonymous exists, and they have been adept at penetrating servers. They have revealed gaping security holes, disabled websites in the name of a free and open internet, and even launched cyber attacks against the Pentagon. They stole NYPD surveillance video of OWS protesters. Though unconfirmed, they claim to have stolen one million Apple UDIDs from an FBI laptop. There is no doubt that Anonymous, however ambiguous or loosely affiliated it may be, is real. And frankly they have proven themselves to be less bullshit prone than our politicians and broadcast media outlets.

Do you remember the hubris with which Karl Rove entered the election? How he was devastated and apoplectic at the Fox News brain trust for having called Ohio for Obama? Mitt Romney didn't even have a concession speech prepared, and while it's easy to chalk that up to yet another inept step in his stumbling campaign, it's easier to believe that it was a concrete example of his entitlement in action."

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