BREAKING NEWS - More than 40.000 refugees enter in Croatia in less than 48 hours

From the moment when Hungary closed its border with Serbia, migrant crisis unleashed with full force on Croatia, which for days facing a humanitarian disaster in which she was not ready.

Our journalists makes a series of striking photographs that show the kind of pain and suffering of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya passing on the route trough Balkan peninsula into a heart of europe.

According to the latest data, on Friday till 19:00 o'clock entered Croatia more than 17,000 refugees, a few hundred less on Saturday, and unknown number in Sunday, but they are still illegally coming from Serbia by taxi, bus, train, truck etc. They initially are placed in Tovarnik, and there is organized transport to distant destinations, buses and trains.

From Serbia to Croatia migrants entering in groups through fields and corn fields, a Croatian police try to stop them.

Part of refugees who run from isis / isil and war in Syria, is located in Zagreb, and a number of them is trying to reach some 20 kilometers from the Slovenian border.

In Tovarnik, with the Croatian side of the border with Serbia now has between 2,000 and 3,000 refugees from the Middle East who are patiently waiting to be transported to some of the destinations to which it will continue the path towards Europe.

The companies donated bread, milk, cookies and bottled water to refugees in Serbia

Company "Imlek", "Bambi" and "Knjaz Milos" donated milk, cookies and bottled water to refugees in Serbi near Croatian border.

- My company wants to help those poor people and vulnerable refugees in a very difficult situation in which they find themselves. We can't force them to stay, but we can do all we can to help them to reach their goal. We are strategically committed to social responsibility Isamu team determined to provide assistance to those who need it. I hope that with this donation, even a little easier misfortunes that have befallen them - said Svetlana Glumac, director of corporate and regulatory affairs of the company.

Serbian prime minister - Serbia will not close borders

Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic says today that Serbia will not close borders.

"This is free and democratic state, we won't force anyone to stay here, and we will not close our borders. Everyone are more than welcome to come here, and stay if he want to do that".

He also add - "Serbia spent around 20.000 € per day on refugees, and so far EU didn't help us at all".

On question on what they spent money, he says:

"In order to make their trip to europe safer and faster, we build 8 refugee camps in total, connect tham, and made a great network, so once they enter in Serbia, they can leave it in less than 12 hours. These camps have everything, food, water, first aid, beds, free internet etc.".

Since the beginning of the year, more than 150,000 refugees and immigrants enter in EU trough Serbia. Majority of them entering in Serbia trough Greece and FYROM (macedonia).