Japan Earthquake Eyewitness - Chiba - 9th Floor Apartment

I haven't seen this one on the various news sites and channels yet. This happened in the Chiba Prefecture.

Here is a Google Translation of the source:


Taiheiyou earthquake on March 11, 2011 northeastern home state of northwestern Chiba Prefecture Earthquake

There is an injury worry. Thank you for your top concern. I'm alright.Thank you for worring about me. Yasushi Taira us safe, thank ?? landlord.

Over time in Japan is because it is the time when the United States.

The video began to vibrate after about 30 seconds passed.
The first shaking off guard took out the camera was small, so obviously wrong
At first I was holding the shelves, a big quake came after a few seconds to start capturing, moving and securing the right locations considered dangerous. Many things have been destroyed.
By the way, is on the ninth floor of the apartment.

No one injured, and serious damage to the fire around, but will continue after the emergency vehicle sirens, then a few hours could often be heard.
Large period, followed by tremors are still small.

Telephone talk with the family once they were out, but in tens of seconds.
Looking Tsukatsu 171, Chiba Prefecture that is not available because they are not affected areas. Useless for what I have to just shake it> could be used around 18:45
Moreover, "Northeast" What earthquake Pacific Suka Tiba ignored.
The early warning will not turn on the TV was recognized.
The problem was electricity, water Arimase gas pushed the pause button on recovery in safety at night or by aftershocks.
Since then, experience in seismic tremor of 1.2 degrees occurs in about every 10 minutes.
Continues to swing today.

Although confused So far not many things fall. There are fine tableware damage

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All responses are still difficult to comment too many, I will answer in this case.
First of all, thank you very much for your words of everybody concerned.
I was still so high floor, shaking was large, clean up and finish already, ?Bimasen to worry.
And also a message of support from abroad, we are very impressed.
Keenly aware that it is the language barrier is really high