Naked man with a machete gets tased twice

A completely naked man was restrained by GCM (Metropolitan Civil Guard) during a fight with another boy
The opponent, who wore only a pair of shorts, carried a machete and struck the side of the blade on the back of the naked man, who was not pierced.
GCM intervened and one of the agents used a taser pistol - an electroshock weapon - against the man carrying the machete. Upon receiving the electric impulse, it fell immediately.
A GCM guard shot the taser gun again, this time at the naked man. The probes hit the body, but the boy did not fall. He started to spin on his own shaft and soon regained his balance.
Unbelievers, the GCM men decided to surround the big buck. It was when a young man came up behind the naked man and struck him to the ground. Immediately the guards advanced and managed to immobilize him.


By: stainless (37203.50)

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