Man Rescues Moose Trapped by Tree Swing in Small Swedish Town

<p>Swedish resident Leif Gisslen rescued a moose that got stuck on a swing on a tree in the town of Vindo, Stockholm County, Sweden, on December 6.</p><p>Gisslen told Storyful he went on his usual morning walk around his small town when he noticed the moose in distress. He walked gently towards the moose and saw it was stuck on the ropes of a swing attached to a tree.</p><p>The moose tried to get loose by moving wildly around, and Gisslen tried to soothe the animal before he went to his neighbor&#8217;s home in search of a bar to cut the swing ropes. The neighbor, Pentti Valkama, gave him the bar and followed Gisslen back to the moose, where he filmed the second video on Gisslen&#8217;s phone.</p><p>Gisslen then used the bar to free the animal and after about 20 minutes, it was released. Gisslen estimated the animal to be about <a href="; target="_blank">two years old with a weight of 200 kg</a>. Credit: Leif Gisslen via Storyful</p>


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