Trash talk from Cove Point LNG export plant backers at Calvert County town hall

Dominion Energy is seeking to convert the old LNG (liquified natural gas) plant at Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay to an export facility for fracked gas. This would require a massive power plant to run the compressors and turn this part of Calvert County into an industrial zone while promoting gas fracking for export.

On the 28th of January, the League of Women Voters hosted a town hall on the Cove Point proposal. Most of the panelists were backers of the project, including speakers from Dominion. One showed contempt for the elders of Calvert County, though it was really funny to hear the Company Man complain that Calvert County government was too small before the nuke plant was built. Another compared the chance of a catastrophic accident at the plant to an asteroid strike, even though there has been a string of LNG plant accidents in recent years. Still another claimed any accident would stay on the plant's property, then turned around to reassure people about bing able to use the nuke plant's evacuation sirens to warn of any catastrophe.

Only two speakers were able to speak up for the local environment. Fred Tutman (The Patuxent River Keeper) was able to use forum rules to get Mike Tidwell of Chesapeake Climate Action speaking time. He called out Dominion's decision to avoid the environmental impact statement process simply to speed up the project, even though this is a total change in the nature and size of the facility.

All footage courtesy Chesapeake Earth First!, which sent a delegation to observe the proceedings.