Kennedy Killed by Elite Zionist Bankers -- Executive Order 11110

President Kennedy, The Fed

And Executive Order 11110

The Federal Reserve
On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 and
this accompanied the Kennedy act which was the beginning of an attempt
to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money, at
interest, to the government. JFK was on his way of stripping the then 50
year history of fleecing the American people. In effect, JFK, by
issuing 4.3 billion dollars of U.S. notes based upon silver held in
reserve, JFK was going to be able to wipe away the beginnings of
national debt which, today, has mortally wounded the American economy.
Please take note of the fact that this event was only a little over 5
months before the assassination. When JFK was murdered, LBJ failed to
continue with the program.
Who stood to lose the most money if the Federal Reserve had lost its
stranglehold on the American economy? You would be right if you answered
Chase-Manhattan Bank with its 6,389,445 shares of Federal Reserve Board
Stock valued at 32.3% of the total value of stock at the Fed. Also,
Citibank had a lot to lose by this move as well as they were invested in
the Federal Reserve shares to the tune of 4,051,851, or 20.5% of the
total value. I think you might be getting an idea who owned and/or
controlled the majority interests in these two banks in 1963, but there
is more before we answer the question on who profited the most from the
murder of a sitting President in 1963.

JFK was an arrogant and ruthless member of the largely hereditary elite.
But, like Lincoln and like Slick Willy Clinton’s lawyer Vince Foster,
he was the one thing the NWO crowd fears the most…one of their own or
someone close to them and in the know who had just enough honor to draw a
line in the sand. JFK did many reprehensible things in his life (like
Lincoln), but, in the end, he was prepared to save America and Mankind
by keeping us out of Vietnam, weakening the unholy power of the Federal
Reserve, and revealing at least part of the truth about the Luciferian
secret society that rules the world.