Syria Update : Turkish authorities continue to facilitate flow of terrorists and arms to Syria * 06/12/2013 *

turkey has not changed anything
turkey will sooner or later face the facts

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“ISIL” puts Iraqi photographer to death in Edlib suburbs

Yasser Faisal al-Jamili, a 30-year old
Iraqi photographer from al-Falloujah city, a former reporter of Reuters
Agency and also a former photographer of al-Jazeera English channel.
Media sources said that al-Jamili was executed yesterday by the Islamic
State of Iraq and the Levant in village in rural Edlib and that the
reasons behind his execution are still unknown. 4-12-2013

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this is an exclusive photo of the Saudi Colonel just before the SAA euthanized him in Al-Baashoora.


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Turkish authorities continue to facilitate flow of terrorists and arms to Syria

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry
denounced as 'reprehensible' the ongoing Turkish authorities'
involvement in supporting the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and
President of the United Nations Security Council'
href=''>United Nations
Security Council, the ministry said the Turkish government continues,
according to confirmed and documented reports, to offer training and
logistical support to the armed terrorist groups.

The Turkish authorities are still
providing terrorists with safe havens and facilitating the flow of
terrorists and arms into Syria which, the letters said ''constitutes a
flagrant violation of the international legitimacy resolutions,
including the UNSC resolution No. 1373.''

The ministry cited several border
crossings that the Turkish authorities are facilitating the passage of
terrorists and arms through, including Bab al-Hawa, al-Fawz, Ein
al-Bayda, Kherbet al-Jouz, al-Rihanieh, Ghazaleh, Tal al-Dahab and Atma.

The ministry said that the terrorist
attacks stopped at nothing, targeting hospitals, educational
institutions, worshiping places and diplomatic missions' headquarters,
not sparing even children in their schools and school buses.

The Foreign Ministry urged the
international community to assume its responsibilities and undertake
prompt measures according to the powers vested in it to combat terrorism
targeting the Syrian people and state.

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From the Smiles of these Heroic Soldiers We Draw Victory ♥♥

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