The.Paras.1983 BBC Documentary part 2 of 7.

The Paras
Winning membership of the Parachute Regiment is reputedly one of the most coveted postings for a British squaddie - this series shows the trials and tribulations of basic training, and the work and discipline involved in attaining the maroon beret, right the way through to first posting.

The Paras is a 7 part BBC made series that follows a platoon of potential paratroopers from the moment they step from the train as civilians, to the culmination of their training and deployment on active service. Made in 1982 on the verge of the Falklands war, it goes on to prove in dramatic fashion how valid and current the training was for these men. The executive producer on the series was David Harrison, a former paratrooper, and has managed to bring a real "insider" feel to the series. Narrated in parts, this really is a first class production that has you glued to your screens as you experience the pain and agony that the recruits are subjected to in an effort to gain the coverted Maroon Beret. At every stage of their training the viewer is captivated by the fact that not all of the recruits will make the grade, in fact as many as 75% fall by the wayside!

e02. The Maroon Machine
The recruits start to put their basic skills to the test during Exercise Steel Eagle which culminates in the Passing of the Square, being able to wear maroon berets. part one