CBS Evening News: RON PAUL could win GOP Iowa presidential caucus. 12/6/2011

Liberty Report post taken out of Recent Items.

Shockingly, Ron Paul is no longer being completely ignored by the mainstream media. While the full segment from CBS seems to be pushing Gingrich as the frontrunner, there was some very positive coverage of Ron Paul. For instance, pollsters show that people believe Ron Paul tells the truth 80% of the time, which is substantially better than Romney who was pegged at only 30%. When asked who shares their values and is best able to advance conservative principles, Paul came out near the top behind only Bachmann while only 8% who were polled believed Gingrich was the answer. Many said of Ron Paul "he was a man who stands on principle" according to the reporter, and even a Ron Paul supporter was featured on the broadcast (though disappointingly, she said if Gingrich got the nomination she would be willing to vote for him). In a race where many are still undecided or uncommitted, the reporter said that RON PAUL COULD WIN IOWA.

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