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In the wake of Glenn Beck calling Ron Paul supporters “terrorists,” we should remember that the FBI—at least the FBI’s Phoenix anti-terrorism task force—believes those of us who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are terrorists.

“A disturbing flyer purportedly authored by the FBI’s Phoenix anti-terrorism task force has been circulating in the conservative community. The flyer instructs the reader to report as a possible terrorist anyone who asks why they were stopped by police or anyone who dares to defend “the U.S. Constitution against federal [sic] government,’” Declan McCullagh wrote back in November, 2001.

So I gave the FBI field office a call. FBI spokesman Ed Hall confirmed the flyer was produced by the joint anti-terrorism task force in Phoenix. But he said it dealt with domestic terrorism: “That flyer was put out two years ago. Someone picked it up, and put it

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