Are Ron Paul Supporters ?Constitutional Terrorists??

In the wake of Glenn Beck calling Ron Paul supporters ?terrorists,? we should remember that the FBI?at least the FBI?s Phoenix anti-terrorism task force?believes those of us who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are terrorists.

?A disturbing flyer purportedly authored by the FBI?s Phoenix anti-terrorism task force has been circulating in the conservative community. The flyer instructs the reader to report as a possible terrorist anyone who asks why they were stopped by police or anyone who dares to defend ?the U.S. Constitution against federal [sic] government,?? Declan McCullagh wrote back in November, 2001.

So I gave the FBI field office a call. FBI spokesman Ed Hall confirmed the flyer was produced by the joint anti-terrorism task force in Phoenix. But he said it dealt with domestic terrorism: ?That flyer was put out two years ago. Someone picked it up, and put it on the Internet like it was put out this week.?

Hall admitted the section that said anyone spotting a defender of the U.S. Constitution ?should call the Joint Terrorism Task Force? was perhaps a tiny bit ill-advised. ?It could have been a bit better foundation worded saying you?re not a right-wing extremist if you defend the Constitution? or if you ask a police officer why they?re stopping you. There?s some misinterpretation there.?

He added: ?Not that a person who defends the Constitution is a criminal or terrorist, or a person who askes you, ?Why did you stop me? may be a terrorist, but certain things, I don?t want to use the word common, certain characteristics that these people who were legitimately investigated reflect it.?

Is it possible the FBI considered its COINTELPRO ?a tiny bit ill-advised? and that?s why it went on, undiscovered and uninterrupted, for decades, destroying countless lives, including the actress Jean Seeberg and any number of less famous activists?

In fact, the brochure in question is quite explicit and reading it leaves little room for ?misinterpretation.?

Al Lorentz, chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas, writes:

Many of you have no doubt heard of the FBI?s pamphlet on identifying domestic terrorism. Perhaps you saw as I did the black and white copies floating around but wondered if these were simply manufactured on someone?s personal computer. I frankly thought the same when I first saw them and so I wrote to the FBI?s office in Phoenix and received an anonymous and official reply from a nameless individual there.

The tone of the letter I received back was both officious and rude. ?Yes? the brochure was printed by them but it went on to explain ?the general public was not supposed to see it?. I wonder if that would be a defense to a traffic ticket ?Yes officer, I was speeding but you weren?t supposed to see me?.

The letter also went on to assure me that the brochures were never in fact distributed even though I and hundreds of others have seen them which begs the question: ?How did I get a copy of this brochure??

Now a color copy has surfaced and we have it here for all to see.

We ask that instead of copying the picture, you distribute a link to the page because we want to make people aware of more than just the brochure, we want to make them aware that there is a political party that is legitimate with a long history that is not only aware, it is doing something. In addition to this brochure, those who receive the link from you will also find a website that is dedicated to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic and provides insight, commentary and resources to that cause.

Indeed, it appears the FBI campaign against ?Constitutional terrorists? has gone prime-time?from the Joint Terrorism Task Force to corporate media neocon shills such as Glenn Beck and Bill O?Reilly, the latter who wants to lock up ?leftist loons? in opposition to the occupation of Iraq, including filmmaker Brian DePalma and billionaire Mark Cuban.

Finally, it is likely no coincidence O?Reilly characterizes his enemies as ?loons,? a noun defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as follows: ?One who is crazy or deranged.? And ?liberal? Bill Mahr believes those who talk about reality?Building 7 was not brought down by fire alone?are in need of Paxil.

Recall Bush?s ?New Freedom Initiative,? a blatant violation of the Fourth and Tenth Amendments, designed not only to test children for inappropriate thoughts?for instance, thoughts inculcated by home schooling parents?but potential dissidents as well. ?It will also help the fascists who are controlling our government to keep our dissidents and independent thinkers under chemical restraints just like they?ve done to so many children in foster incarceration facilities,? explains the Fight CPS website. ?It will help them break down the will and autonomy of the population, forcing more beautiful souls to become mindless, over-medicated sheep.?

As Dr. Rima Laibow notes in the film ?One Nation Under Siege,? it is a distinct possibility the government may one day forcibly medicate the ?politically insane,? for their own good as well as society. Bill O?Reilly?s task is to prepare for this possibility right out of the Soviet Union?where dissidents and other ?socially undesirable people? were sent to Psikhushka psychiatric-prisons.

But then, as the United States increasingly resembles the Soviet Union, this development is to be expected. After all, former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov were hired by the Ministry of Homeland Security for a specific reason
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