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Poisonous snake man of Papua New Guinea

Telegraph UK -David Williams clambered over a heap of discarded coconut shells, inspecting the husks gingerly for deadly snakes lurking within. Behind him, one of Papua New Guinea’s liveliest volcanoes smouldered ominously.

Two hours later, his day’s dangerous work was done. Two highly poisonous Papua New Guinean small-eyed snakes - whose venom can kill a person in hours - had been captured and safely boxed away, ready to be transported to Mr Williams’ laboratory in the capital, Port Moresby.
It was just another day at the office for Mr Williams, an Australian scientist who has devoted his career to saving hundreds of lives lost to snake bites in Papua New Guinea each year.

For several months at a time, he criss-crosses the country, armed with a two-pronged “grab stick” and cloth sack, to capture some of its deadliest predators - death adders, Papuan black snakes, brown snake


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