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These Are the Lies for Which Our Brave Soldiers Have Sacrificed

The latest grotesque lie from the Washington–London axis of deceit over the Afghanistan and Iraq wars has been revealed with the news that a Spanish politician’s face was used in an official FBI photofit to portray Osama Bin Laden.

The psychopathic liars responsible for the stories about Saddam Hussein’s “atom bombs,” “mobile chemical warfare labs” and “missiles which could reach Europe in 45 minutes,” have outdone themselves with their latest effort — but never before have they been caught out so spectacularly.

The image of Osama Bin Laden has now been withdrawn by the US State Department after the FBI admitted it was made up out of a photograph of a Spanish Communist Party MP Gaspar Llamazares.

The FBI “experts” took the image from a Google image snapshot, added a turban and presented it to the world as Bin Laden.

According to an article in the Spani


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